Houston, a host with the most for its big Super Bowl 51 party

HOUSTON — From takeoff to touchdown, Houston knows how to throw a great, week-long Super Bowl party.

Even before Sunday’s Patriots-Falcons game arrived, the city, hosting the Super Bowl for the first time since 2004, proved it shouldn’t need to wait 13 long years to get another.

The hottest hot spot in town was Club Nomadic, which is, by its last name, a cool pop-up venue. It hosted the EA Sports Bowl, featuring performances by The Chainsmokers and Snoop Dogg, on Thursday night. It was Bruno Mars’ turn on Friday. It all led up to the main event — an exclusive Taylor Swift concert for DirecTV’s Super Saturday Night.

Antonio Brown continues to be unhappy with the contract he signed in 2012. That deal, worth $8.4 million a year, has become one of the best bargains in the NFL. (Although, in reality, it was the Steelers who took on a great deal of risk since Brown was unproven at the time of signing.)

Brown since he signed the deal has been the most productive receiver in the NFL, and he and Roethlisberger make a great pairing. There were rumors after a social media blowup and other incidents that the Steelers could be open to trading Brown. But that would be counterproductive.
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Limited Kids Lane Johnson Jersey Brown likely will look to become the highest paid receiver in the league, which would mean a contract in excess of $15 million a season. The Steelers already are very leveraged in the Brown contract due to multiple restructures, which will lock them into nearly $9 million in cap charges before they do anything.

Given that Brown should receive at least $15 million in the form of a signing bonus, it’s likely that his cap charge of $13.6 million will slightly increase. If the Steelers fail to rework Brown’s contract, it should be a given that he will hold out.