It’s a catalogue to her decades in public service

One of the biggest reasons so many were optimistic about the Jaguars in 2016 was that quarterback Blake Bortles actually looked good in 2015. With the one-two punch of Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns at wide receiver, Bortles ended his second season in the NFL with 35 touchdowns and 18 interceptions — launching his passer rating to 88.2 after finishing his rookie season at 69.5.
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But if there’s one reason not to believe in the Jaguars in 2017, it’s Bortles.

Womens Kyle Van Noy Jersey Despite better protection in 2016 — dropping his sack total from a league-leading 51 in 2015 to 34 in 2016 — Bortles regressed with 23 touchdowns and 16 interceptions.

Maybe (the NFL) was waiting for that moment or chance to do it. But,he pauses. When Jan Schakowsky asks you a question, you take it seriously.

For a woman who has spent most of her life fighting for marginalized groups — women, people of color, immigrants, the LGBTQ community and now athletes — Schakowsky’s office is a window into her beliefs.

It’s a catalogue to her decades in public service, 10 terms in Congress: portraits with Muhammad Ali from the 90s (His generosity of spirit was so inspiring); a quilt made by women in her district that represents several states with women legislators elected; pictures with former president Barack Obama before they both went so grey; an autographed photo from John Lewis from the day House Dems had a gun control sit-in on the congressional floor; portraits with Nancy Pelosi and the Dalai Lama; encyclopedias filled with every speech from Abe Lincoln’s political career.