Real Colin Kaepernick hate test begins when 49ers QB hit’s open market

That’s not all that will matter, though. The baggage connected to his protest will be a factor. He has not indicated in any way that hes going to stop what he did all year, away from the field or before games. The different ways many imagined he was poisoning his team, his teammates, the game and his own performance turned out to be just that imaginary.

Which means it may not be Kaepernicks baggage that would keep him from catching on to a new team next season.

it’s the baggage of the owners, executives and coaches like the ones who think hes as bad to have around as a convicted felon.

It suit’s him, though, because he puts the right pieces in place year after year, drills them on his way of playing and preparing and gets them to buy in for as long as he needs them to … until it’s time to fit another piece in.

If Belichick didn’t have two cheating scandals, Spygate and Deflategate, hanging over his head, of course, this argument would be much easier to make. There’s no way to discount that, and no way to apply that to the others on this list not that they’re pure, as history has taught us about no less than Wooden and his UCLA heyday.

In the big picture, though, that’s splitting hairs. It doesn’t bar him from the big room populated by the most accomplished, most resilient, longest-lasting, consistently excellent coaches of all time. It might determine where he gets to sit in that room, but not whether he belongs.

Belichick is in it. Win or lose, he’s no longer several rows behind Lombardi … or Bear or Phil or Coach K, for that matter.

If he wins, start changing the seating arrangement.vikings_085