Beltre said he had no idea his kids would be the ones to unveil the graphic on the outfield wall.

First, there’s been a noticeable uptick in votes for players the past few years. The four years Killebrew appeared on the writers’ ballot, the BBWAA selected an average of two players each year. Over the past four years, it’s selected an average of three players a year. Perhaps if Killebrew were eligible today, he’d sail into Cooperstown.
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Thome also might be a better Hall of Fame candidate than Killebrew, with roughly 20 percent more WAR and a lifetime batting average 20 points higher, .276 for Thome to .256 for Killebrew — though Killebrew played in a far tougher era for hitters, with he and Thome are roughly equal at the plate when adjusting for their ballparks and years they played.

Thome isn’t an automatic selection by any means. He might fall short. But with his stats and a long, controversy-free career, the thought here is that he clears the necessary 75 percent of the vote.

Womens Hugh Thornton Jersey Vladimir Guerrero, with 79 percent of the vote in his second year of eligibility: Guerrero debuted at 71.7 percent of the vote from the writers last year and looks to have the best chances of any holdover candidate.

The Orioles held a 4-0 lead at the time and went onto a 10-6 victory, but Sunday’s loss did not exactly spoil the celebration for both Pudge and Beltre.

Beltre said he had no idea his kids would be the ones to unveil the graphic on the outfield wall.

What happened today after the hit has been the best moment in my life. I didn’t know how to feel, because I had no idea what was going on, Beltre told reporters. I feel proud of them. I saw the joy in their faces, and a lot of things you do in your career you do for your kids and your family. My kids and my wife have been so supportive over the years, that this moment was for them. When I saw that, I felt like I was on a cloud, because I really saw the joy in their faces. It was a nice moment to enjoy with them — my family, my wife.