Peyton Manning makes himself the butt of 3 Patriots jokes at the 2017 ESPY awards

Former Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hosted the ESPYs and he made jokes at both the expense of himself and of others. Manning has always been one of the more comedic NFL players, including his iconic SNL skits that involve beaning kids with footballs (although I actually think Eli Manning is funny, too).

At the ESPYs, Manning and his once-rival New England Patriots had a little back-and-forth, with one great sketch of Manning watching the Patriots face the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI.
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Jason Taylor Authentic Jersey Manning says that he doesn’t have a rooting interest in this game before unzipping his sweatshirt to show an Atlanta Falcons t-shirt. He goes on to count out Touchdown Tom, before threatening to change the channel and unplug the television during the game. Watch it now because it’s great.

There’s a second sketch featuring Patriots quarterback Tom Brady as Manning enjoys the retired life.

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As Mariota enters his third professional season, the sky is the limit. I’m an Oregon alum, so I’ve been following Marcus since he first stepped onto the field in the Oregon green and yellow (or gray, black, orange, white or whatever other color Oregon chooses on a Saturday). I knew Mariota was talented. He’s intelligent, a great leader, has a strong arm, and can move fluidly.

Still, I was skeptical he would succeed in the NFL.