Todd Marinovich in trouble with the law, again

The sad story of former NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich has another sad chapter.

Via the Palm Springs Desert Sun, the 1991 first-round draft pick of the Raiders has been arrested yet again. He remains in jail, on undisclosed charges.

“I don’t understand it because as a defender, when you’re going in for a tackle, your first instinct — you got to lower yourself to get your pads even with the player’s pads,” Church said on 103.3 FM ESPN in Dallas, via the Dallas Morning News. “So you’re telling me if you’re a defender that needs to lower your pads to get more leverage on a player, and the running back goes low to protect himself, and you guys hit each other, hit him with the helmet or whatever — are they just going to throw a flag basically every single play?”

The greatest possibility for a foul comes when the offense is running the ball between the tackles.

As a result, everyone is currently in the dark — including the players who will be expected to comply with the new rule.

“I don’t know how it’s going to go down,” Dolphins guard Josh Sitton said in an appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “It’s going to be one of those things, it’ll be a hot topic for a little while and then it’ll kind of die down after the preseason and the first few weeks. But, you know, it pretty much happens on every play so I don’t know how they’re going to really officiate it. I feel like people are going to be getting kicked out of the game left and right. I’ve been a guy that typically tries to lead with my head back and kind of come in with my chest and hands but, you know, it happens quite often. So it’ll be interesting. You know, I think the league has gotten to a place where it’s probably not going to be around in 20 years so, and this is kind of one of those rules that’s making it head that way.”

Sitton said a lot in that answer, much of which isn’t entirely consistent. It won’t be a big deal, it will be a big deal. It will die down, it won’t die down. It won’t dramatically change the game, it will dramatically change the game.buccaneers_046