The biggest name to return was Sprewell, given his rocky history with the organization and Dolan.

Elite Brian Urlacher Jersey The Thunder have now lost their three encounters with Golden State this season by 26, 21 and 16 points and have sunk to 1-6 against the West’s top three teams. So who even wants to see them slip to the West’s No. 8 seed and open the playoffs against Kevin Durant and his new team? Yes, folks, we’re being facetious. Of course we’d love to see Angry Russ and KD square off in the first round (or any round) after the considerable animus that bubbled up when the teams tangled Saturday night at The Peake. Such was the hype for Durant’s return that we didn’t hear a single word about OKC’s stirring win over LeBron James & Co. from a mere two nights earlier during the Committee’s whole weekend visit. ?

Elite Brett Hundley Jersey Power Rankings ?Law also compels us to point out that Westbrook, after 11 turnovers in the 130-114 defeat, is up to five games this season with at least 10 turnovers. That’s the most by any player in a single season since the league started tracking turnovers in 1977-78.

While Kevin Durant was reacquainting himself with Oklahoma City soil on Saturday, former teammate Serge Ibaka was a three-hour drive away from the KD-in-OKC tension, playing for the Orlando Magic in Dallas.

“I’m just happy to be back now,” said Sprewell, who got a warm reception from the fans Sunday. “A guy named Jonathan [Supranowitz, Knicks vice president of public relations], I’ve kept in touch with him over the years and he worked his magic and he was able to pull some strings and get me back.”

The biggest name to return was Sprewell, given his rocky history with the organization and Dolan.

The club played a video tribute to Sprewell on the Jumbotron in the first quarter, which was greeted with cheers. Sprewell was traded to Minnesota in 2003, ending a rocky final chapter with the franchise that included Sprewell showing up to training camp with a broken pinkie and not being forthcoming about the injury.

They traded to move up to take Connor Cook earlier in the fourth round

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“We spent a little time with him last summer, because it was important to us to get their perspective,” Rudolph said. “We may have all these great ideas about what we want to put in a space and that we think are cool, but if the kids don’t want it and the kids don’t use it, it’s not cool. The worst thing we can do is put a space down here that looks incredible from the street, but there’s never any kids in it. That’s the whole point of building the space: kids can come down here and they don’t want to go back to their rooms. They’re kind of forced to go back to their rooms. We hope it gets a lot of use.”

Rudolph said he will continue to raise funds to finance the operation of the space over the coming years to make sure it stays current and relevant to what future patients want. As he and his wife raise their 4-month-old twin girls, Rudolph is already thinking ahead to the days when they’ll be old enough to visit — and of the families they might meet there who are just looking for a slice of normalcy.
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“When my kids come back and spend time down there, and visit patients and families, [we want to make sure] this space looks just as good as when we opened it up,” Rudolph said.

They tried to trade back into the first round to take Paxton Lynch. They traded to move up to take Connor Cook earlier in the fourth round. With their first of two fourth-round picks, they took Charles Tapper. They didn’t take Prescott until the 135th overall pick, a compensatory selection in the fourth round.

As he accepted the Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year Award this past Saturday, he thanked 31 other teams for passing on him. Later as he met the media, he amended the statement.

“Actually 32 teams passed up on me three times, so the Cowboys just … they got lucky,” Prescott joked.

Report: Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos working on a revised contract

The issue with reworking Manning’s deal is that he has two years left meaning that any potential converted bonus would have to be prorated equally over those two seasons. That would mean creating more dead money on 2016’s cap space when another group of FA’s headed by Von Miller will hit the market.

Before the beginning of the 2013 season, Manning converted 10 million into a “cash advance” that prorated the 10 million equally over several seasons, leaving his cap hit lower in several seasons (19 million as opposed to 21 million).

But we took the time to collect the instant reactons of your favorite NFL players and league personaltys in regards to how they see the mystery dress. If you hear of any other dress takes please leave them in the comment section below.

That saved $4.875 million in cap space in 2015. He didn’t necessarily fail to live up to the contract, but the Colts wanted to clear up cap space after spending big the past two offseasons, and felt good about Art Jones to fulfill the spot left on the defensive line.

We shall see. Right now, they’re not disclosing all of the team plans, but in any balanced zone-blocking scheme, the running back is a very important figure. Just look at Seattle or Houston.

Offense isn’t the only overhaul for the Broncos. The Broncos are moving to Wade Phillips’ multiple 3-4 defense and while they already have a good solid core of 3-4 type players, they may need to add some things via the draft.

Why Carmelo Anthony can feel why LeBron James lashed out

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New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony had heard about how LeBron James had finally had enough and unleashed on Charles Barkley.

While Anthony didn¡¯t want to get involved, he said he fully understood why James, his good friend, had reached his boiling point after taking the high road whenever Barkley was critical of James on TV.

¡°At the end of the day, I think he¡¯s human,¡± Anthony said at the morning shootaround before the weary Knicks were drilled by the red-hot Washington Wizards 117-101 on Tuesday night. ¡°Like, we all are human. Even though we are considered these kind of superheroes, super athletes, and nothing is supposed to affect us and we just go through life just taking it on the chin, it affects us in certain ways.

John Hannah Youth Jersey Tomlinson’s No. 21 jersey was retired by the Chargers in 2015.

The only blemish on Tomlinson¡¯s record — if you can call it that — is that he never played for a Super Bowl title. Teams Tomlinson played for finished 5-5 in the postseason.

“The one [negative] thing that I think is totally honest and true about my career is I never won a championship,” Tomlinson told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “That¡¯s totally fair for people to judge me on that. But I know eventually, with my numbers, I¡¯m a Hall of Famer.”

Former Chargers teammate Drew Brees said he will be on hand in Canton to watch Tomlinson be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“He’s a special guy, a special player,” Brees told The Mighty 1090 AM radio. Brees served as the Chargers’ starting quarterback from 2002 to 2005. “He made everyone around him better. He was a phenomenal leader. When LT spoke, everybody listened. And he backed it up with his actions, more so than anything he could ever say.”

Joerger says his dominant message to Cousins has been “next play,” to move on quickly from whatever upset him

Elite Youth Neftali Feliz Jersey “Kings not a coveted destination among draftees & agents.” — Sean Cunningham, a Sacramento sports producer and reporter for the ABC affiliate.

As the Kings struggle to build some semblance of a positive identity as a basketball operation, the clock is ticking on the prime of one of the game’s most talented big men, DeMarcus Cousins. And while some superstars are plug-and-play, Cousins is more fragile. He runs on trust, and disarray undermines it. In a perfect world, Sacramento would have already had a well-honed operation when he arrived, fabric in the rafters, gravitas at the highest levels of management and ownership, a coach with a historic body of work, another star in the locker room who has won big games and whose respect Cousins knows he needs. At present, the Kings have none of that. The inertia of losing seems to be the only constant in Sacramento.

“That’s the perception we have around the league,” Joerger says. “That’s what we have to change.”

Joerger says his dominant message to Cousins has been “next play,” to move on quickly from whatever upset him.

Game Chris Capuano Jersey NOT SO LONG ago, the Sacramento Kings were a model sports franchise, market size be damned: Loud and proud Kings fans packed the suburban concrete bunker called Arco Arena. When then-Lakers coach Phil Jackson called Sacramento a “cowtown” and its fans semi-civilized and maybe redneck in some form or fashion, they responded to him with a din of cowbells. And the NBA’s loudest fans were rewarded, in kind, as Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic and Doug Christie drove Rick Adelman’s handsome corner offense all the way to the 2002 Western Conference finals. The Lakers could barely contain them, and won that series only thanks in part to an epic Robert Horry game winner and, according to an open letter Ralph Nader later sent to the commissioner, Laker-slanted refereeing that “goes beyond any random display of poor performance.”

Belichick always insisted that he wore hoodies because they were comfortable

IT HAS BEEN one of the most overlooked transformations in the NFL over the past few years: Belichick wears nice dress shirts to news conferences more often than any other coach.

You always hear about how head coaches are CEOs. Well, Belichick, of all people, is the only one who actually dresses the part. What has made all of this even more remarkable is that as he has tightened up his look, he has drastically scaled back his deployment of his famous gray, serrated hoodie. Yes, he wore a blue hoodie three times this year, but not once did he deploy the iconic gray one with the hacked-off sleeves.

In fact, he hasn’t worn that particular hoodie since January 2013. (The gray one did make an appearance during one game this season against the Jets, but the sleeves were still intact.) You can place a prop bet on which hoodie Belichick will wear on Sunday, but you might do well to bet none.

And so, a question: What causes someone who specializes in cutting the drag by eliminating his clothing choices suddenly add drag at age 64?

Game Womens Randy Johnson Jersey Belichick always insisted that he wore hoodies because they were comfortable. But that look — standing on a sideline vaguely and proudly disheveled and emperor-like — became a central tenet to his professional identity. Like what the black turtleneck did to Steve Jobs and what the gray tee does to Mark Zuckerberg, the hoodie spoke for Belichick in a way that he couldn’t speak for himself.
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It prompted David Letterman to call him a “Sherpa on the sideline.” Biographer David Halberstam used it to show how Belichick consciously avoided “the trappings of celebrity,” similar to how Eddie Vedder lived in a self-imposed depraved state during the recording of “Vs.” Columnist Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!

Quinn rewarded his offense by leaving it on the field for fourth down

This season, with the league’s best offense, Quinn has rightfully been more aggressive. Atlanta went for it 13 times on fourth down while the game was within 14 points or less, tied for the eighth-most times in the league. The Falcons went 7-for-13 on those tries, a 53.9 percent mark that comes in right around the league average of 51.4 percent.

While some of those were desperate plays to extend games, Quinn had moments of genuine aggressiveness, most of which came in the no man’s land between midfield and Matt Bryant’s field goal range. He notably went for it on fourth-and-1 on Atlanta’s 45-yard line on the opening possession of overtime against San Diego, only to be stuffed and end up losing the game on the next drive. It was the correct call, even if the move didn’t pay off.

One notable time Quinn went for it on fourth-and-1 was on the opening possession against the Packers in Week 8. It was on the Packers’ 42-yard line, but Quinn could have sent out his punting unit and nobody would have batted an eye.

After Matt Ryan overcame a pair of illegal-formation penalties by picking up 19 yards on third-and-20, Quinn rewarded his offense by leaving it on the field for fourth down. Devonta Freeman ran for 17 yards. The drive ended in a field goal that proved to be valuable in what ended up as a 33-32 nail-biter.

One notable time Quinn went for it on fourth-and-1 was on the opening possession against the Packers in Week 8. It was on the Packers’ 42-yard line, but Quinn could have sent out his punting unit and nobody would have batted an eye.

After Matt Ryan overcame a pair of illegal-formation penalties by picking up 19 yards on third-and-20, Quinn rewarded his offense by leaving it on the field for fourth down. Devonta Freeman ran for 17 yards. The drive ended in a field goal that proved to be valuable in what ended up as a 33-32 nail-biter.

This video of Torrey Smith’s dancing 1-year-old son proves he’s ready for primetime

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Torrey Smith’s son is a better dancer than you. Okay, maybe that’s harsh — you could be a good dancer, but this 1-year-old doing “The Whip” is probably cuter.

Limited Charles Tillman Jersey They have the foundation to build something for the long term.

It’s hard enough to pick a potential winner of the Super Bowl next year, let alone a potential winner of several Super Bowls over the next five years. But, if we’re talking about teams that are potentially on the verge of becoming great, a few come to mind.

The first few are the closest to “one player away” from being among the league’s best, in my opinion: The Chiefs have an excellent defense with elite pass rushers, some studs up front and a talented secondary.

They’ve got one of the best running backs in the league. They’ve got a strong GM from the Ron Wolf/Ted Thompson scouting tree, John Dorsey, who’s added a ton of talent and depth to the roster over the last two seasons. They have a proven and highly respected coach in Andy Reid. He’s honed his system over decades in the NFL. I’m not looking to insult Alex Smith, who is efficient and works within Reid’s system, but what kind of team would we be looking at if Kansas City had a top-five, even top-10 quarterback under center?

“J.J. had to say it’s a bit high school-ish that I take selfies, and I think he still rags me on Instagram every time he posts a selfie,” Mettenberger said on Tuesday, via The Houston Chronicle. “At the same time, if that’s high school-ish, he got a letterman jacket made, a Texans letterman jacket. That’s pretty high school-ish to me, don’t you think?”

The Boston Celtics are 13-3 over their last 16 games and have distinguished themselves in the Eastern Conference

The response is relatively simple. Players are advised, in a letter to their head coach, that they are assessed as either a first-round pick, a second-round pick or one who is advised to remain in school. Vincent also makes himself available for telephone conversations.
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“We don’t get into a lot of specifics,” Vincent said. “This isn’t the place to tell student-athletes what they need to improve on or where they’re lacking or whatever. It’s intended as the best objective assessment we can provide.”

The CAC doesn’t provide draft projections beyond the second round?

Wake exceeded everyone’s expectations in 2016 — including those of the Dolphins’ coaching staff — by leading the team with 11.5 sacks. He was 34 and coming off a season-ending Achilles injury. Coach Adam Gase initially brought Wake off the bench and kept him on a snap count; in a Week 2 loss to the Patriots, Wake played just 15 snaps, which Miami admitted right away was a mistake. Wake wanted more and eventually was put in the starting lineup in October, and that led to his Pro Bowl season.
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No one’s comeback journey compares to Pitta’s. He fractured his right hip in 2013 and 2014, then didn’t even play in 2015, causing most to believe his career was over. There were doctors, friends and family members who discouraged Pitta from returning to football. To play his first full season since 2012 was an accomplishment in itself. But what made Pitta’s comeback more amazing: He led all NFL tight ends with a career-best 86 catches. Only Antonio Brown had more receptions than Pitta among AFC North players. Read the full vote.

The Falcons continue in the playoffs without injured defensive end Adrian Clayborn

Atlanta Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn, one of Atlanta’s top pass-rushers, suffered a torn biceps in Saturday’s playoff game against Seattle and will miss the rest of the postseason, sources tell ESPN.

“I feel absolutely terrible for my man AJClay,” agent Blake Baratz tweeted. “Keep your head up. You were a huge part of this success. I’m so proud of you Adrian.”

The news was first reported by the NFL Network.
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Clayborn missed three games in December after surgery for a meniscus tear and torn MCL in his left knee. He had been projected to miss more time, but he used stem-cell treatment to hasten his return.

Only hyperaggressive (and often intelligent) teams like the Ravens might consider going for it in that situation in a regular-season game, but the game situation behooves the Texans to go for it in that spot.

The Texans’ decision to punt ultimately worked out when Brady surprisingly threw the first of his two interceptions on the next play, but again, O’Brien didn’t use the field position to his advantage. Houston moved the ball to the Patriots’ 9-yard line, but after Akeem Hunt came up 3 yards short of the marker on a third-and-long screen, O’Brien sent out his field goal unit.

Jake Rudock Womens Jersey You can’t trade field goals with an offense like the Patriots and expect to win, especially when you’re already down 11 points. When your offense is incapable of steadily moving the ball downfield, short fields from turnovers are gifts you need to capitalize on. It’s far more likely you’ll end up with another chance to kick a field goal later in the game than you will end up in the red zone for a likely touchdown opportunity. Brian Burke’s AFA model suggested that the Texans needed just a 31 percent chance of converting to justify going for it.